Series On Demand | Pastor Russ Hurst

Wednesdays, 7 PM

Colossians, this great book of the Bible, was originally a letter. Paul wrote this letter while under arrest or in prison in Ephesus to a group of new Christians in a town called Colosse. Today, this is an area called Turkey. In Paul's time, this was a small city, which used to be more prominent, in an area called Asia Minor. Paul was a highly educated public intellectual in the ancient world -- though his letters are shorter than other ancient works from his popular contemporaries like Seneca the philosopher or Cicero the Orator and Statesman, more has been analyzed and written of this brilliant Holy Spirit-changed man's short letters than ANY other ancient author or thinker! So, if you are a skeptic, sit tight -- it is supremely rational; listen, even if you do not know God, to access and utilize ancient wisdom for your contemporary problems! Even arguably the best-known sociologist in the world right now, Jewish agnostic scholar Harvard-trained Jonathan Haidt (NYU) - calls our Bible the "greatest repository of wisdom in human history." Paul deserves to be studied in secular departments of philosophy and psychology and anthropology. Here in this short book, Paul is offering pastoral aid and help to a young, eager but embattled community there in little Colosse.

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